One thing I wish I knew (and believed in) when I started working in advertising


By Michelle Morgan, EVP Director of Client Services

It’s 3:20 pm on a Tuesday, I’m 25, fairly new to advertising, drinking my coffee at the conference room table to fight off that all-too-familiar mid-afternoon drowsiness from the late nights we’ve had at the office due to a pending launch. The whole agency is gathered in the conference room to hear one of the owners talk about her experience in the industry and tips on how we can be successful. I am trying to take in every bit of knowledge, as my mind sneaks away to that long list of client deliverables due by the end of the day.    

I take another sip of coffee, and I am quickly startled into listening again. Wait, did I hear correctly? Is the owner telling us that we should take every opportunity outside of work to learn more? Take classes, go back to school, etc? Doesn’t she know that I’m spending 12-14 hours a day working for her company? How can I squeeze any more knowledge into my head? Sound familiar?

Well, almost 20 years into my career, I wish I would have taken that one piece of advice to heart and acted upon it sooner, because I have learned over time how important it is to keep growing. In fact, I’ve gone to the opposite side of the spectrum, reading, taking classes, hiring coaches, going to seminars, anything I can possibly do to learn more.   

So, what’s the takeaway? Growth and training never stop if you want an extraordinary life. Think about a passion, something you are curious about, something you want to learn more about, and take action above and beyond what you are already doing at work. Make it a priority for yourself and search for someone who will help you find these opportunities.

How are you planning to grow this year? I’d love to hear from you.