5 Tips for engaging no-see physicians


By Michelle Morgan, EVP Director of Client Services

Less than 50% of physicians are accessible to pharmaceutical sales representatives, according to an AccessMonitor™ survey conducted by ZS. This number was from a 2015 report, which demonstrated a decline over the past decade, so this number is expected to be much higher in 2019 and moving forward. This shift in access has forced marketers and their agency partners to come up with some creative solutions. 

When it comes to engaging no-see physicians, I like to break it down into 5 basic strategic principles: 

1. Be outcome based

Be clear in the outcome that you want with your target: Is it awareness, market share, ROI, engagement, etc?  

2. Know why

Have a clear understanding of why these are no-see physicians. Is it by circumstance or by physician choice?

3. Take action

Once you know the why, start to gather data on what the physician’s needs/knowledge gaps and interests are that will allow you to know that physician more than any other company can.

4. Customize content

Once you know specific drivers, gain physician respect by serving up relevant, credible content that evolves based on feedback.

5. Be flexible

Continue to optimize or change your approach until you surpass your outcome through A/B testing and continuous physician feedback.

Remember to keep it simple. Complexity often challenges great execution.