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The dairy farmer hates dairy

So he takes a sip of his milk fresh from his cow’s teat, swooshes it around in his mouth, then spits it out in his metal bucket full of dip spit. He will never swallow it or enjoy any other dairy products. He never tries the yogurt, cheese, ice cream, or even straight-up milk of his competitors. When he does his taste test on his own products, it is with no concept of the market. He only makes his milk to his liking, and is steadfast in his belief of what milk should be in terms of taste, consistency, and probably a million other things that he thinks of that we can’t.

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To-do lists–they’re not the enemy

I can’t recall the number of times my own parents dreaded a to-do list handed to them. Whether it was a honey-do list, list of classroom supplies to buy, or requirements from their jobs, a to-do list would hang over their heads like a dark cloud and constantly remind them of what they hadn’t already done yet.

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A stomach bug turns deadly

I was originally assigned to write about blowing the conch shell, something I traditionally do to announce Happy Hour and other office events, but that will have to wait. I want to talk to you first about something else . . . bacteria. About one bacterial species in particular—Escherichia coli—and actually one specific type—E coli O157:H7.

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