CultHealth does internships differently.

At cult we believe everyone deserves a seat at the table. So if you’re looking to spend your summer picking up skinny vanilla lattes, filing papers, or slapping shipping labels on packages, this isn’t the internship for you.

We’re looking for talented individuals who want to be challenged. Who want to develop and build brands through great creative content across the spectrum of advertising media. Creative individuals with swagger and wit, who want to create work that makes others jealous but stay humble as they do.

Little or no background in advertising? It’s all good. You’ve got ideas and experience—that’s what makes great advertising.

Does that sound like you? Hit us up and Join the Cult. 


Work with an art partner and a senior copywriter to come up with modern and compelling ideas and write engaging advertising copy that communicates those ideas across a variety of media channels.

Work with a copywriter and a senior art director to create and design visual concepts that will result in memorable advertising campaigns.


  • Work hand-in-hand with copywriters to develop effective branding and advertising campaigns

  • Participate in ideation brainstorms (always remember there is no such thing as a bad idea)

  • Collaborate closely with account/strategy interns to put together an end-of-apprenticeship project and presentation

  • Leave here with work you can showcase and put towards your overall portfolio for future opportunities


A. Creating Visual Impact
One technique used to create attention-getting advertising is to combine two unrelated visuals. For example combine shoe and duck. A quick but expected solution would be to put shoes on a duck. But a more interesting idea might be shoes made of mallard duck feathers instead of leather. Or a shoe that is webbed and colored like a duck foot.
Now it’s your turn. Combine the words candle and sunflower. Sketch at least 10 ideas, each on its own sheet of paper. Submit your three favorite ideas. If needed include short descriptions.

B. Brand Building
Create a new line of organic skincare products. Name it, and describe your product concept. Come up with and design a bottle shape and label for three products in your line. Also, design a promotional poster promoting its launch. You may submit your work in any way you feel comfortable working: sketches, colored drawings, computer layouts…

C. Creative Samples
We want to know who you are as a creative person. Please share five of the favorite things you have created. You can include: photography, advertising, illustrations, designs, poems, raps, paintings, comedy routines, sculptures, cards, games, videos, websites, short stories, comic strips…you get the idea!

Work with the account group to be fully engaged on client, pro-bono and new business opportunities. You will get hands-on experience working and collaborating with creatives, while rotating across our account and strategy teams. Potential opportunities could include:

  • creative brainstorming meetings

  • social media planning & execution

  • client meetings

  • projects through from initiation to execution


  • Work closely with assigned account/strategy team on day-to-day business

    • Account – assist assigned team with internal and external reviews, routing projects, status updates, etc. to learn what it takes to keep an account running smoothly

    • Strategy – compile competitive analyses, research important topics, and learn how to apply information strategically

  • Collaborate closely with creative art/copywriter interns to put together an end-of-apprenticeship project and presentation

  • Leave here with real hands-on experience you can leverage and put towards future opportunities

Write a letter to your next employer in the advertising industry detailing what it is you’ve learned at Cult and how it’s prepared you to be a rockstar account person.