Cult does creative internships differently.

we also have candidates apply for apprenticeships differently. In addition to your basic info, we require a creative sacrifice.

here’s your assignment should you choose to accept it…pick one of these challenges below to complete.

A. Creating Visual Impact

One technique used to create attention-getting advertising is to combine two unrelated visuals. The iconic posters below for Absolute Vodka were created using this technique. The Absolute New York poster combines the vodka bottle with Yellow Cab taxis. Absolute Miami combines the vodka bottle with a beachside hotel.

The key to this technique is to generate a lot of ideas because the first idea is often predictable. For example combine shoe and duck. A quick but expected solution would be to put shoes on a duck. But a more interesting idea might be shoes made of mallard duck feathers instead of leather. Or a shoe that is webbed and colored like a duck foot.

Now it’s your turn. Combine the words dog and car. Sketch at least 10 ideas, each on its own sheet of paper. Submit your three favorite ideas. If needed include short descriptions.

B. Brand Building

Create a new absurd line of soft drinks in quirky, misshapen bottles. Name the drink and describe your product concept. Come up with three flavors and design a bottle shape and label for each flavor. Use a separate sheet of paper for each flavor’s design. Also, design a promotional poster for the line. You may submit your work in any way you feel comfortable working: sketches, colored drawings, computer layouts…

C. Choose Your Own Submission

We want to know who you are as a creative person. Please share five of the favorite things you have created. You can include: photography, advertising, illustrations, designs, poems, raps, paintings, comedy routines, sculptures, cards, games, videos, websites, short stories, comic strips…you get the idea! – Definitely think that this is a good “3rd” option to have especially if they’re not feeling any of the other 2.


No problem, try out for an Account/Strategy position instead.