But together,
they can change lives forever 



  • Grew a strong business portfolio at Cult over the decade
  • Chicago native excelling in New York’s energy
  • Manages diverse healthcare clients and brands
  • Inspires team and clients, driving success
  • Known for impressive hospitality skills, especially in charcuterie and cheese

Alana Hermann

SVP, Group Account Director

  • Cofounder of CultHealth
  • Graduate from USC School of Cinematic Arts
  • Believes marketing is nothing without dramatic storytelling
  • Only triple black belt at CultHealth—Karate, Jiujitsu

Jeff Rothstein

Chief Executive Officer

  • Started her career in consuming advertising with fast-paced brands that included Nathan’s Famous and ABC News programming​
  • Flipped from hot dogs and fries to pharmaceutical advertising because it enabled her to make a life-changing difference
  • 15+ years of DTC and HCP advertising experience  in almost every medium imaginable
  • The One Show Early Shortlist, Rx Awards, PM 360 Bronze and Trailblazer Awards, and HBA Rising Star ​
  • Her first commercial for toenail fungus made its way into a feature article on the front page of The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and Jay Leno’s monologue​

Deb Young

SVP, Group Creative Director

  • Over 14 years of experience strategically guiding pharma clients and creating brand impact across DTC and HCP audiences  ​
  • Has worked with everyone from small biotechs to large pharma, specializing in oncology, rare disease, and hematology  ​
  • Connects with patients on a deeper level, having lived through a life-threatening episode of meningococcal meningitis, making her a real patient herself ​
  • Lives in Richmond, VA, with her husband, daughters, and their Airedale terrier, Ruffington  

Molly Scarbrough

SVP, Account Director​

  • 30 years of professional Human Resources experience with a proven track record of delivering results in fast-paced, high-growth, complex environments​
  • Diverse industry experience including: advertising, healthcare, biotech/pharma, retail, entertainment, technology, legal, and media​
  • True passion for creating innovative and holistic HR solutions with the business that yield transformative results ​
  • Born and raised in Queens, NY, now a native Long Islander, is an advocate for women’s health and wellness, the North Shore Animal League, and the conservation of the Long Island Sound​

Suzy Bootle​

SVP, Human Resources​

  • Started at The Huffington Post, laying the groundwork for a Creative career
  • At The Bloc, contributed to award-winning projects like “Instant Doctor” 
  • At CDM New York, earned multiple honors including Gold at The Manny Awards 
  • Named “Best Young Talent” at The Creative Floor Awards
  • Lives in Brooklyn with wife Alexis, raising two daughters and a mischievous Hungarian hunting dog

David Stemler

Chief Creative Officer​

  • Proud to have created award-winning work in the pharma space for the last 20 years​
  • Broad experience across disease states, speaks both HCP and DTC with grace and wit​
  • An aspiring stand-up comic in the wee hours of the night​
  • Once followed Darrell Hammond on a show at Caroline’s when no one else dared​
  • A rock music enthusiast, owns 47 air guitars​

Saul Katz​

SVP, Creative Director

Todd Hoza​

SVP, Head of Digital​

  • Has decades of financial experience in the adverting/marketing space, including 5 years at CultHealth​
  • Experience that ranges from mid-sized privately owned agencies through global finance director, managing up to 62 agencies in 42 countries
  • Grew up in Central New York
  • As COO, works across all agency disciplines​

Mark Sadowski

Chief Financial Officer/Chief Operating Officer

  • Nearly 25 years of experience in communication, from medical publishing to advertising…with too many disease states to capture here  ​
  • One husband of 20 years and 3 children​
  • Enough life experience to enthusiastically tackle her first novel ​
  • Secretly would love to own a farm​
  • Has 3 French Bulldogs, a few bunnies, and a couple of turtles​

Jess Ward

SVP, Group Creative Director

  • Over 35 years of both Healthcare and Consumer experience​
  • Can find him in the summer “down the Jersey shore”​
  • HUGE Bruce Springsteen fan​
  • Has lived in Jersey, San Fran, and Boston (not a Red Sox fan)—GO YANKS!​
  • Enjoys mentoring the next generation​

Laurence Richards


  • 19 years crafting creative solutions for lifestyle, health, and wellness brands across various channels
  • Combines a love for science and storytelling to craft compelling brand narratives
  • Passionate traveler, constantly seeking inspiration
  • Finds fulfillment in sparking conversations and changing behaviors through creative work
  • Excited to contribute to therapeutic categories, promoting good health

Jenn Ng

SVP, Group Creative Director​

  • Successfully launched and led multiple brands in oncology, women’s health, respiratory, and CNS​
  • Degrees in both Fashion design and Graphic design​
  • Enjoys documenting the footwear of fellow NY subway travelers #footfootagenyc​
  • Has lived and worked on 3 continents​
  • Coincidentally engaged to another McGee (no relation) and raising a 7-year-old fawn Boxer named Sean Brady (not a Patriots fan)​

Sue McGhee

SVP, Creative Director​

  • Enthusiastic advocate for structured and meticulously organized systems​
  • Two decades of project management experience ​
  • A firm believer in perpetual improvement and innovation​
  • Contemplating adding another kitten to the household​
  • Successfully rallying everyone to contribute their bullet points​

Jason Moriarty

SVP, Director of Project Management

  • Known for his nearly unflappable demeanor​
  • Believes in building trust by knowing a client’s business as much as they do—and using that insight to empower a broader vision for the “why” behind the work
  • Deep global and US experience in rare blood disorders to COPD, Parkinson’s, and migraine, but counts his formative experiences working in emerging biotechs​

Derek McLamb

SVP, Group Account Director

  • 25+ years experience in advertising, both Consumer and Pharma​
  • Masters degree in Communication Design ​
  • Keeps a deep sneaker rotation with over 250+ in collection​
  • Has an even crazier Star Wars collection (2 storage units full)​
  • Einstein and Newton had concepts— I have ideas, on occasion I have good ideas

Jason Kirshenblatt​

SVP, Executive Creative Director

  • Trained in Chemical Sciences and Brand Sciences​
  • Over 20 years in HCP, DTC, OTC, but always learning everyday​
  • Amateur fruit and vegetable gardener​
  • Filmed and directed the first documentary on the plight of young caregivers in the US​
  • Love working with clients to solve the unsolvable​

John Nelson

Head of Strategy​

  • 25 years experience in managing award-winning teams of designers and developers across multiple verticals
  • Started using Photoshop v1 when it still launched off a floppy disk
  • Globally exhibited photographer with work in the permanent collection of the Museum of the State of New York
  • Teacher of Tibetan Buddhist meditation practices
  • Makes one damn spicy tzatziki sauce

Niko Plaitakis​

EVP, Director of Experience and Technology​

  • Over 30 years in the healthcare business. Started his career as a researcher in Pharmaceutical R&D and transitioned into client-side sales and marketing​
  • After 10 years on the client side, Eric made the switch to the advertising side where he worked at well-known agencies such as CDM, McCann, and Ogilvy.​
  • Known not only for his experience in healthcare, but his values: authenticity, responsibility, and curiosity. He leads to improve and learn, and advises for mutual benefit. ​
  • In his free time, Eric coaches teenagers into elite bike racers and decent people. He has earned the “Center of Excellence” award from USA Cycling (the national governing body)​

Eric Vollmuth​

EVP, Director of Client Services​​